If Girls Only Knew (Ep. 2)
Wanna win $10?
Week 8 Day 3 : John 6:38 : JUST DO IT
If Girls Only Knew (Ep.3)
Merry Christmas from iShine!
If Girls Only Knew!
Tour BTS (2014 Back to School)
Take a tour of the iShineLIVE bus!
Sound Check at iShineLIVE
Pre Production iShineLIVE 2014
Spencer Kane – “Speak Love” (iShine Live Concert)
iShineLIVE 2014
iTopix: Alexis
iShine Knect Tweezer:The Rubyz
Spencer Kane Ft. Johnnie Rep – “Falling, For You” (music by Sean Divine)
JamieGrace:Show Love
David from Mission Six
Spencer Kane: “413” Official Music Video!
Jamie Grace:Media
The Rubyz “Big God” LIVE
iShine Knect Season Three!
TWEEZER: Noah shares 1Peter 1:8
iShine Knect Filming!
Why do we need iShine?
iShine Knect Season 4 Sneek Peek!
JamieGrace on iShine!
“Road Trip To Redemption”
iShine with Food For The Hungry!
iAsk Questions!

Lent is the forty days before Easter. We celebrate Lent because Jesus spent forty days preparing to

teach and preach in public. Jesus went out to the desert for 40 days with no food and no water. When

the forty days passed, […] Read More

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