Catch our newest iShine KNECT TV episodes (Season 4)  each week on TBN; Saturdays at 10 am PST / 12 noon CST / 1pm EST.

Seasons 1 ,2 and 3 are airing at various dates and times in the US and Canada, with the following Christian networks; National Religious Broadcasters network (NRB), the Miracle Network in Canada, Daystar, Cornerstone, JCTV, Smile of Child network, Legacy TV and is even in Anchorage Alaska with KCFT-TV! To find out exactly when each network above is airing the next iShine KNECT TV show on their channel, you will need to check with them directly or you can use your DVR search function to find us.



KNECT TV is Now available on Amazon past seasons of iShine KNECT TV can be purchased for $1.99 at Price is for individual episodes and can be downloaded or streamed!

For those of you looking for a specific episode or season to have, or to use as a ministry resource, this new option will be an amazing addition to your personal or professional media library! Stay tuned to or our E-newsletter for more information.

In addition to the above domestic networks, iShine is now available on all of the TBN international affiliates as well as with our i-Shine partners in South Africa (iShine Southern Starz) and is reaching into Northern Europe with  one of our newest partners, TV Visjon Norge ! (Norway- Sweden- Denmark and Finland)

Families and pre-teens you are in for a treat! If you like the shows you’ve seen on Nickelodeon and Disney TV then this Christian series is going to be a lot of fun for the entire family. iShine KNECT is designed for kids and parents to take time to connect with each other and have some wacky fun in the process.

Watch with your friends as the hilarious sitcom antics and drama explode from Club iShine and the i-Shine Academy ! Also featuring Music videos, Live performances, artist interviews, behind the scenes segments, question & answer time from viewers and tons more! All of  the iShine topics will be presented to audiences from a biblical perspective. Starring, Jamie Grace, Paige Armstrong, The Rubyz, Spencer Kane, Rachel Chan, Mission Six, Jonnie & Brookie, Ckenzi Millermon, Tate Huesmann, Kevan Cyka (Mr. Bridges) and Troy (Doug Goodrich)…

So take a few minutes and Watch for yourself and see if our series doesn’t give you a lift of encouragement and faith, practical stuff to help you cope and deal with life as a pre-teen  Christian!

Season 4 KNECT TV

Season 4 KNECT TV

If you know of a local station or satellite network you would like to see iShine KNECT TV on, just email us at with the name and contact info for the station or network in question and we’ll do our best to get our show on your favorite station !

iShine / Bema Media are members in good standing of the National Religious Broadcasters association (NRB).

Check out the iShine KNECT TV “Behind the Scenes” set and crew video from Season 4 below.

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