TJ Prodigy

Sixteen year old youtube sensation TJ Prodigy is making his debut internationally by bringing a message of hope through his music and dance. His natural ability to rap and breakdance allows him to relate to audiences of all ages. A gifted writer, Tj’s music pierces the hearts of everyone who hears it, especially those who can relate to his anti bullying message of positivity. As his lyrics say, “you were meant to fly, don’t let anybody clip your wings,” Tj’s message is one of hope, inspiration, and change. His message conveys the idea that no matter who you are or where you are in life, it’s never too late to pick yourself up and fly. Whether it’s a small audience or one of thousands, TJ has the audience on their feet with their “hands up,” and leaves them wanting more. His online presence to tens of thousands of fans shows his personal connection, heart to heart, with all that follow him. From small stage to big stage, city to city, TJ travels the country meeting and greeting his fans with an insatiable motivation to reach those in need of his message; a message of encouragement and God’s love. TJ lights up the stage from the very first beat, and captivates his audience until the very last. His passion in bringing the word proves his calling to his God appointed music ministry.

His newest single, Fighter, features Random Hero vocalist Aaron Watkins. Fighter is an anthem for anyone who has ever felt like they had reached the end of their rope and needs an extra push to keep going



TJ’s hit single, Fly Away, charted on Billboard’s Emerging Artists in May of 2015. Fly Away touches on encounters TJ has had with some of his fans and the impact it left on his own journey. Having almost a quarter of a million hits on Youtube, Fly Away has touched the lives of listeners from all over the world, and it has not only inspired people to follow their dreams and persevere, but it has also planted a seed that God can break any chains that may be binding their life.



In 2014 he dropped his first EP, Flight. When reviewing the EP, Marcus Hathcock, the executive editor of New Release today, commented; “fueled by his and other’s life experiences, the pop rapper is making music to spread hope, tell other kids they’re not alone, and to introduce them to God. His recent Flight EP, released this year, is turning a lot of heads…”
TJ is looking forward to continuing to develop himself as an artist in 2017 as well as strengthen his relationship with God and his fans.