Mission Six

Mission Six continues to grow in 2013! Check out this rockin’ group who love to serve God and play to His glory. Almost all of their stuff is based on real life events that have inspired them to create songs centered around worship and a practical real life-style of mission.

These native Hoosiers have a huge heart for today’s kids and are the real deal with the release of their third record in four years. As a band they have influenced literally millions of pre-teen and teen fans around the world for Jesus. From Radio Disney to being mainstays on the annual i-Shine Live National tour and have grown into actors as their regular stint on the hit show,  KNECT TV now in its fourth year (2012-13). This authentically Christian boy band has quickly become all grown up.

The members of this fun, outgoing quintet –Noah (19, vocals), Michael (19, bass), David (19, drums), attended the same Christian school in Evansville, Indiana, and played soccer together all the way back to the fifth grade when they decided to form a musical group. Their new goal, remarkable for a group of ten-year-olds, would be to encourage others by singing about the love of God.

In short order they landed a record deal. Since releasing its debut album Superhero in 2008, Mission Six has matured rapidly from a teen sensation to an emerging pop-rock band. On the way, they have performed hundreds of concerts, been featured on international television, garnered airplay on Radio Disney, and received CCM industry comparisons to Relient K and the Jonas Brothers.

But if you ask M6 about their greatest success thus far, and the topic will suddenly change back to changing other people’s lives. “We always share the gospel at our shows,” explains M6 frontman, Noah. “This past summer, we saw more than 300 kids ask Christ into their hearts. That’s… the coolest thing.”

Check out Mission Six on iShine Knect seasons 1-4!
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