Advent is more than a tradition to be observed each Christmas season, Advent is a spiritually rich time to reflect, refocus, and remember the faithfulness of God. It’s a chance to teach our kids about the essentials of our faith and to embrace the truth of Christ’s coming to mankind.

Christ has come… Christ is coming… and Christ is going to return.

Based on latin word Parousia and the Greek “Adventus” the meaning of Advent is of the ‘return or coming’ of God to each of us, and to all of us. It’s a moment to consider if we are ‘prepared’ for His return and to celebrate the wonder of His first arrival at Christmas.

The history, symbolism, and richness of this tradition can be overshadowed by the commercial aspects of our modern culture, this idea of Advent offers a unique opportunity for the family of Faith to slow down and look at the truth behind all of the buzz.

We have a short podcast and video on Brilliantly Brave Parenting for more ideas on how to incorporate Advent into your Family this Christmas!