This Week's Top Ten Songs!
#1 Derek Minor ft. Hollyn "Change the World"
#2 Hillsong Young & Free "Falling Into You"
#3 David Dunn "I Wanna Go Back"
#4 TobyMac "Love Feels Like"
#5 Jordan Feliz "Best Of Me"
#6 Matthew Parker "Adventure"
#7 Micah Tyler "Never Been A Moment"
#8 Need To Breathe "Hard Love"
#9 Spencer Kane "God Stole My Heart"
#10 Group 1 Crew "Phenomenal"
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  1. Emilie
    March 10, 2017

    This is my favorite radio station to listen to! I love the big 25!

  2. January 8, 2017

    Hey guys!!! Love your music and hear iShine Radio all day… I´m a Christian singer, guitarrist, and song writter… God bless you guys and keep making teens know about God!!!

    • iShineAlexis
      March 9, 2017

      Thank you KMY!

  3. Deborah Russell
    November 17, 2016

    Hey, I was wandering do you guys still have an app?

    • iShineAlexis
      January 3, 2017

      We do, but it is outdated.

  4. Camila Otey
    May 23, 2016

    Hey! I’m from Costa Rica and I really love your radio…God bless you!!!

    • iShineAlexis
      May 23, 2016

      Thank you for writing us! You are so very sweet! <3

  5. March 18, 2016

    your songs are amasing

  6. March 18, 2016

    i like your music

  7. March 12, 2016

    Hi,my is adinah l have a question?
    What happen l can not be a good sister to my bother and some girl at shcool siad that i am werid and it hunt my
    feelings. ),:

    • iShineAlexis
      March 31, 2016

      Hello Leah,

      Why do you feel like you cannot be a good sister? Sometimes people say things like that because they are jealous. Or sometimes they just haven’t learned how to use manners. Don’t take that to heart. <3 You are beautiful, and wonderful!

  8. Hannah Zaleski
    January 20, 2016


    • March 18, 2016

      you are so domb as ever

      • March 18, 2016

        I am so sorry about that but I love noah

  9. August 8, 2015

    How do we get in haven?

    • iShineAlexis
      August 11, 2015

      We get to heaven by asking Jesus to be in our life, and trusting that He is God.

      • March 18, 2016

        I want to hear gods calling for me to be a singer

    • October 3, 2015

      we get to heaven by obeying jesus and following the commandments

      • iShineAlexis
        October 6, 2015

        We get to heaven by asking Christ to be Lord of our lives. By realizing we can’t do anything to be good enough for Salvation, and thats why we need grace.

      • March 18, 2016

        that is right I want to get to heven but I always make bad chosies

      • March 18, 2016

        I want to get to heven but I always make bad chosies

    • March 18, 2016

      To honer god in all the thing you do

      • March 18, 2016

        every thing you do god is very happy

      • March 18, 2016

        I like your songs alexis