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Shock and Awe Study Guide | Apologetics for Tweens

Shock and Awe Study Guide | Apologetics for Tweens

Developed from our hit summer live tour “The Shock and Awe Show”, this is a video based, apologetics curriculum! A a must-have for those who minister, mentor, or manage Pre-Teen and Teen discipleship. From parents to pastors, this 4 part video based study delves into the foundational truths of our faith.

Expandable to 8 studies for a weekly or bi-monthly series, Shock and Awe will explore four key truths that form the pillars of our Christian beliefs. Designed for small group settings, this study guide features excellent video resources hosted in the cloud for you to use with mobile devices or laptop/PC.

Tested with the help of American Heritage Girls and local church youth groups, this is a practical and engaging way to counter the pop-culture and it’s relentless critique of biblical beliefs.

Shock and Awe Curriculum