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Parenting Podcast – Brilliantly Brave

Parenting Podcast – Brilliantly Brave

A podcast series for the ‘real’ Christian parent. We’re here to help, not correct or admonish… we’ll examine current trends and the latest issues affecting today’s families of faith. Join us for a weekly series of honest and vulnerable  interviews with parents, pastors, authors, and educators. We will focus on the obvious challenges of raising pre-teens and teens, but also will dabble in marriage, church life and all things in-between.
Hosted by Brad Mathias (Pastor, Author, and Media Executive) and Robert Beeson (Founder of iShine, Author, and Blended family expert), Brilliantly Brave will include current social trends, real-life parenting support, and resources for those who are simply wearing thin.
Brilliantly Brave is down-to-earth practical, inspiring, and hilarious. Join us and see for yourself. 

Broadcast’s of Brilliantly Brave will begin on Feb 7th, and will be available for digital download (FREE) on iTunes, Stitcher, Soundcloud and Podcast Apps.