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“At the Academy” | iShine Knect

“At the Academy” | iShine Knect

Featuring some of our best episodes of iShine KNECT TV;  Award winning episodes from season 3…

‘At the Academy’, Volume 1″ is now available for you to enjoy over and over! Features all of your favorite iShine KNECT characters and artists including three shows, for ninety minutes of exciting, hilarious and inspiring iShine TV!

Episodes included:

Attack of the Whiners” – Complaining

“Media Overload” – Over Consumption

“Give’ em Props” – Encouragement

These three episodes focus on values for families and are an ideal way for children’s and youth pastors to engage their kids!

Features iShine artists and actors Jamie Grace (GoTee Records), The Rubyz, Mission Six, Caroline Grace (Pure NRG), and Ckenzi Millermon as well as our favorite adult actors Kevan Cyka (Mr. Bridges) and everyone’s favorite good guy… Doug Goodrich (Troy)

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  1. Hannah
    May 1, 2013

    Me too! 🙂