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Parenting Essentials!


Self-Care Essentials: When was the last time you invested in yourself as a parent or pastor? (Blog post transcribed from the Brilliantly Brave Parenting Podcast with special guest – Paige Clingenpeel – season 5)

Parenting is exhausting, the idea that we can just persevere through it is a bit simplistic. We need to rest. We need to recharge and refocus. As parents we can’t give what we don’t have, our modeling and ability to […] Read More



5 Essentials Every Parent Needs to Know ! (from the Brilliantly Brave Parenting Podcasts) 

Do you know what Futureshock is and how it directly impacts every family and the modern church? (the following quotes are from Bishop Dan Scott Ph.D. – A Season 5 podcast guest)

“This generation of parents in the church is struggling with more than a simple ‘generation gap’. They … ‘we’ are struggling with ‘Futureshock “. A displacement of reality in which […] Read More

New Movie for Tweens!


We’re excited to let you know about a brand new version of Pilgrim’s Progress, the CGI animated film coming out for Easter 2019.

The film was created by Steve Cleary who used to work with Voice of the Martyrs. One thing that is very interesting about an animated Pilgrim’s Progress – the film can be shown in countries that don’t allow Bibles and Christian films!  Steve started his work in missions in 1989 as a volunteer […] Read More

Advent offers parents an opportunity!


Advent is more than a tradition to be observed each Christmas season, Advent is a spiritually rich time to reflect, refocus, and remember the faithfulness of God. It’s a chance to teach our kids about the essentials of our faith and to embrace the truth of Christ’s coming to mankind.

Christ has come… Christ is coming… and Christ is going to return.

Based on latin word “Parousia” and the Greek “Adventus” the meaning of Advent is of […] Read More

New Podcast! Best of Season 4


It’s the end of our fourth season of Brilliantly Brave Parenting and we have a special wrap up edition of our growing (Over 10,000 listeners) podcast for parents. Don’t miss this special episode. Available on iTunes and Soundcloud, YouTube and at  

  […] Read More

Christian Reggae! Mark Mohr of Christafari


This week on our Brilliantly Brave Parenting Podcast, we’re excited to talk with the ever moving Mark Mohr of Christafari!

Mark is the frontman and founder of the most successful Christian Reggae band / ministry (Christafari) in history. Their new album debuted on the Billboard Reggae Albums Chart. This is the group’s seventh consecutive album to debut at #1. “CHRISTAFARI’s mission is simple,” says Mohr. “To go to the ends of the earth until all have heard, and until all […] Read More

Kristen Hatton


This week on our BBP Podcast! Special guest and author: Kristen Hatton.

We’re talking about ‘taking the masks’ off of parenting and how to be healthy and vulnerable with others!

[…] Read More

Help with Eating Disorders!


This week on Brilliantly Brave Parenting… help with eating disorders! Special Guest – Constance Rhodes of FindingBalance! […] Read More

Podcast Featured on CCM


We’re super excited to share our news with you! Our very own Brilliantly Brave Parenting podcast has been honored to be highlighted by CCM Magazine for our interview with Michael W Smith!

A big thank you is due, and we appreciate all those who have downloaded or streamed our BBP podcast. […] Read More

Michael W Smith visits!


Excited to have Christian superstar Michael W Smith on our Brilliantly Brave Parenting Podcast this season! His ministry passion and perspective is so helpful for parents today!



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