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Apologetics and Tweens – Summer Curriculum


Apologetics and the Essentials of our Christian faith! 

Every parent and pastor knows our kids are hungry for a deeper understanding and insight into their faith and our Christian heritage. Summer is an ideal time to engage your tween or teen with a deeper study of the four (4) basic building blocks of our Christian beliefs.

God – Is there a God?
The Bible – Is it true?
 Who was Jesus Christ ?  
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B413 Austin TX – $10 Ticket Special


iShine Special Discount
$10 Tickets to #b413 for you and your family!

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We hope to see you in Austin, Texas this weekend! 


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We have some brand new iShine parenting podcasts for you!  Have you had a chance to hear from these guys and their guests? It’s so helpful for parents and pastors to hear from other […] Read More

BB Podcast for Parents of Blended Families! Week #8


Excited to interview my dear friend and fellow pastor, Veronne Three-Seventeen tomorrow on BB Podcast! Don’t miss this one. His wisdom on parenting a blended family is fantastic and so inspiring. #Hopeforfrustratedparents. 

If you haven’t subscribed yet… it’s time! 25 minutes with us each week, a change to re-charge your parenting battery… a moment to inspire and encourage pastors and parents! Brilliantly Brave Parenting is a must for those with pre-teens and tweens in their families.

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Homeschooling and Parenthood!


Check out our latest Parenting podcast featuring Karen Goosby, a homeschool mom of five who shares how she does it all… and does it well!

Fantastic and helpful look at what a difference homeschooling can make in the lives of our kids, and practical ways to engage our culture without being afraid. WORTH YOUR TIME TO LISTEN TO!

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“Brilliantly Brave” Ep. 2 with Clinton (& Tonya) Faupel


Thanks for tuning in to another week of Brilliantly Brave!

This week’s Valentine Guests are : Clinton and Tonya Faupel of Remedy Live!

Topic : Homeschool moms! A huge responsibility and a huge opportunity. Learn about this remarkable mom and her use of media to train her kids to ‘think’ for themsevles.

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“Brilliantly Brave” Ep. 1 With Patty Garibay!


This is our first episode of Brilliantly Brave, please listen, and share if you enjoy! 


Our guest this week is Patty Garibay! Founder of American Heritage Girls.

This week’s Topic : Foundations of marriage. The roles of Men and Women in the home, the importance of learning to lead &  follow, and why it matters as parents!


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Parenting Podcast Launch!


February 7th 2017 is our launch for a new parenting podcast from iShine and the TGA (Tween Gospel Alliance)!

For parents, pastors, and educators… Brilliantly Brave Parenting will inspire, encourage, and engage you with helpful and insightful advice from experts and authors around the globe!

Tune in on Soundcloud, iTunes, and Stitcher to find out! 

Hosted by Author and Pastor Brad Mathias, along with Solo parenting podcaster and iShine founder, Robert Beeson.  […] Read More

B413 February Pre-Events for Ministry leaders


If you live in the Ft. Smith AR, Austin TX, or Bowling Green KY areas… and work in pre-teen/teen ministry or media. PLEASE share this information.

We are looking for business, church, and para-church ministry partners who have a heart for tweens! If so, clear your calendar to attend a B413 pre-event. A FREE Luncheon (early February ’17) in your city. It will be hosted by Christian radio and have a surprise guest artist along with […] Read More

New Apologetics Curriculum!


After two years of touring our ‘Shock and Awe” show … we’ve released a new Apologetics study just for pre-teens/early adolescents. The Shock and Awe Study is an amazing resource – ministry tested and edited with the help of American Heritage Girls and local youth leaders. The result… a very solid study on the foundations of the Christian faith.  

Video intensive with cloud based additional content, this study is turn-key for youth and children’s ministries […] Read More