Tate is one of the most outgoing and relatable fifteen year old guys out there! If you’re hanging out with Tate, we promise you’ll be having a good time. Tate loves to get everyone laughing! He also loves the out doors, you can always find him in his back yard walking on a slackline or grinding on his skateboard. With this much energy, Tate makes a GREAT RAPPER!
More importantly than having fun, he understands the value of leading his fellow peers in a true relationship with Christ.

You can hear his first two singles on “All Starz Vol. 4″.
You may also know him as the actor who plays Max on iShine Knect!  You’ll be seeing much more of him now!
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Be looking for Tate on the next season of iShine Knect, with a much larger role. AND on our iShine Live TOUR for the Spring of 2014!