The Rubyz

The Rubyz are exploding this year! Three friends who love Jesus and each other! Tanner (17), Addy (14), and Jessica (14), despite their age are making waves in the world of Christian pop music… find out the very latest with the Rubyz at their website!

Breathtakingly Beautiful is their first single off their Summer EP release of ‘I’ll Follow You” and it’s winning the respect of critics across the Christian radio world. The Rubyz “I’ll Follow You”

The Rubyz are a Christian Pop Trio, who love to have fun and dance around. But most of all they have a passion to put Christ first in their lives.

Here is the behind the scenes video from the Rubyz new project – “I’ll FOLLOW YOU”

Rubyz Dec 2015 photo shoot!

Rubyz Dec 2015 photo shoot!

iShine Gen 2Rubyz Autograph LineRubyz Live Performance