With each new year comes some new challenges. 2018 promises to be full of exciting and even scary ‘firsts’ including the expansion of the legalization of recreational use of marijuana into more and more states. New technologies, new trends, new dangers exist on every parents radar.

Parents are going to need new strategies, new approaches to manage social media, new filters for sorting out the facts from fiction, encouragement to help their kids determine pop culture from Biblical teaching etc…

Families of Faith are under tremendous pressure to not only parent their kids into adulthood, but to provide them with a solid biblical worldview. A transference of faith from parent to child is the underlying goal of each and every Christian parent. We want to help.

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Parenting Podcast – Brilliantly Brave

  1. Esther Marquez
    January 27, 2018

    My kids and I have watched I shine for a few years it’s amazing to watch these kids grow wit the Lord on the show. God Bless iShine